I've only photographed four styles over the twenty years or so of shooting. They are Weddings, Glamour, Fine Art Nudes and Landscapes.  Weddings I enjoyed but after a few years, my health changed and I had to give them up.   During the same time period, I was also shooting glamour images. I have shot this style most of my career.  I enjoy this style but not for reasons people may think.  I always believed every woman has good features which I try to bring out.  Shooting Fine Art Nudes was a lot harder to learn. 
Every woman can look beautiful in the nude if shot in the right pose. That is what a good photographer needs to learn.  I was taught to always respect the model. How you talk to a woman means a lot.  Most women have never posed for a photograph in the nude.  Not an easy  thing to do.  Being able to shoot classic nudes and bring out the beauty of the female form is the end result you want to achieve.  I started shooting landscapes for two reasons.  I lost my studio when the owners decided to renovate for
apartments which limited my locations to shoot.  I also started using a motorized wheelchair to get around and am using oxygen to help with my COPD.  I can still walk but get short winded so using the chair helps me with that.  In landscapes it is about having an eye to see your final image before you even click the shutter.  I'm still learning that part.  Recently i starting shooting Birds and Wildlife and I really like that.  We will see how that gor=es with time.  I hope you enjoy the images posted.  All images are for sale as Prints or Framed and Matted.  Just send me a message for pricing.